Player of the Week: Ryan Davis

Published: Nov. 11, 2019 at 5:57 PM EST
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South Central freshman soccer standout Ryan Davis is our newest WITN Pepsi Player of the Week!

The Falcons are flying in victory formation behind the stellar play of Ryan Davis.

"He's the kind of player that any coach would love to have because we can build so much around him," head coach Scott Crass said at practice Monday.

Davis has scored in every game but one this season.

"He's a goal hunter. He sees it, and he goes for it," Crass added.

The freshman striker leads the team with 28 goals and 11 assists.

"All around great kid," said Crass. "Not just on the field, but the older senior leadership is looking to this kid. He just brings a maturity to him."

"It means a lot because a lot of these people I've known my whole life, but never gotten to play with because they've always been older than me," said Davis. "But now I get to play with them for at least one or two years."

One of those seniors is starting goal keeper Shawn Davis. Shawn is Ryan's older brother.

"It's good because we've been playing in my backyard ever since we were really little, and we finally got the one year when he's a senior and I'm a freshman and we can play together," Ryan Davis said at practice Monday.

Ryan described his game as being an aggressive striker with blazing speed and a sick dribble.

"It's almost a blessing because I know I have him for three more years to have this kind of talent," Crass said.

Ryan said he hopes to play professionally one day, but until then wants to win a state championship.

Davis and the No. 5 Falcons (20-1-3) battle No. 4 Leesville Road (14-6-4) in the fourth round of the 2019 4A Soccer State Championship


at 6:30 p.m.

For more on Davis, check out the video above! (Feature airs Tuesday during WITN Sports at 6:20 p.m.)
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