Non-profit forced to say goodbye to it’s long-term facility

Non-profit forced out of facility in Ayden
Non-profit forced out of facility in Ayden(n/a)
Published: Jun. 7, 2023 at 9:59 AM EDT
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AYDEN, N.C. (WITN) - Packs 4 Patriots, an organization dedicated to supporting the troops, has worked out of the same building for 11 years. However, it recently faced several hurdles, including water damage that forced volunteers to work elsewhere.

Just when the non-profit expected to come back, it was hit with another obstacle.

“I was actually on a walk around town, and it hurt my heart. My heart was hurting” said Packs 4 Patriots Director, Barbara Whitehead

Two months ago, water damage forced Packs 4 Patriots to work out of multiple locations, but volunteers always thought they’d return back to their home base in Ayden.

On Monday night, the director of the non-profit received a call that changed everything.

“The new owner wanted us out of the facility as soon as possible. Apparently, he has a new vision for the shopping center, and it must not include us,” said Whitehead.

It’s another hard hit for volunteers who have been working out of storage units and their homes for the past two months.

“You better not walk into my dining room it’s interesting. I just took some newspapers. to put in the bottom of boxes, we usually send like a magazine or the comics or Sunday comics people save for us, and I have stacks of Girl Scout cookies, and I have everything organized,” Said Mary Merlino the non-profits packing coordinator.

But despite not having any long-term solution in sight, Packs 4 Patriots says it won’t quit.

“The mission continues. We can’t stop the mission our troops are still serving, their still deploying, are they still sacrificing much for our country,” said Whitehead.

WITN also spoke with some of the other businesses that are in the building, along with Packs 4 Patriots. But it hasn’t been confirmed that they were also evicted.

The director says if anyone has suggestions or wants to learn more, they can contact Packs 4 Patriots on Facebook here.