Teacher of the Week: Chris Hill from Elmhurst Elementary School

Hill is a physical education teacher in his hometown.
Teacher of the Week: Chris Hill
Published: Jun. 16, 2021 at 5:52 AM EDT
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PITT COUNTY, NC (WITN) - This week’s Teacher of the Week for June 16 is Chris Hill from Elmhurst Elementary School.

Hill is a physical education teacher in his hometown. He grew up in Greenville and graduated from Chocowinity High School before earning degrees at Beaufort Community College and ECU.

Hill started his teaching career at Southwestern Middle School in Bertie County in 1997. He taught there for two years before heading to Chocowinity Middle School. There, he served as the athletic director, head football coach, head boys and girls basketball coach and head baseball coach.

After years in the gym, Hill made the transition to the classroom. He taught fourth grade science and social studies and fifth grade science at Elmhurst Elementary School. He eventually made his way back to physical education, which he has taught at the elementary school for the last two years.

Hill says he loves his job and works with awesome staff and students who make it worthwhile.

The person who nominated Mr. Hill wrote, “I would like to nominate Chris Hill as Teacher of the Week.

Chris teaches Science and PE at Elmhurst Elementary School.

Chris routinely goes out of his way to engage his students. His interactions are one of several methods; bringing the student out of their shell, enticing them to enjoy what they are doing or just as simple as talking with them about their day.

Below is an email (there have been others through his teaching years) a mother wrote to Elmhurst Elementary School praising Chris with how he comforted and made her daughter feel confident:

‘My daughter is in kindergarten. As you both have seen, mornings are usually a struggle for her emotionally, however she has really taken to Coach Hill and I just wanted to say thank you so much!!

We were A week so the last week we were there, we managed to get Coach Hill at drop off Tuesday - Thursday and he was able to coax her out with minimal effort (and has been any time he’s gotten her out of the car), then that Friday, someone else tried to help her out of the car and she flat out refused and requested Coach Hill. He happily complied with her request and as soon as he came to the door, she hopped right out! Yesterday morning, I was a little worried as it tends to be the worst after the virtual week, but when we pulled up, I told Coach Hill that my daughter would like him to get her out of the car, and again, with no hesitation, he followed us down the line and got her out and for the first morning after a virtual week, she did not whine or even hesitate!!! I could’ve cried at how thankful I am for this bond they’ve formed! This morning we saw Coach Hill but weren’t in front of him for drop off, so I told her she might have to get out for someone else. She hesitated slightly before we pulled up but surprisingly got on out but then headed straight over to Coach Hill for a foot bump!

I’m certain any of the staff would do the same thing for her and she loves her teachers when they were helping her out of the car at the beginning, I was in total awe of your patience! However, I just wanted to say a special “thank you” to you, Coach Hill; I’m not sure what sort of “magic” you have, but thank you for making my daughter feel special and confident!! And for making mornings a lot smoother for this mommy who hates to see her baby anxious!

I’m so thankful we chose Elmhurst (and got accepted - yay open enrollment!) for my daughter’s education! Thank you for everything you all do!’”

Congratulations Mr. Hill!

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